No Eun-hee

The artist consistently draws the appearance of light that he wants to express using other typical materials and vitality as a background.

Materials such as the dark night (space), the moon and stars, and the moon jar, which are expressed in the work, pass through the artist's recent memories and create another story in that space.

For the background (dark part), I drew thin ink lines with one stroke with a fine brush, and the ink was clear, but it became heavy black and dark, expressing a dark night. The moon, moon jar, stars, flowers, and bamboo that appear in this background are bodies that revive the multi-layered light that the artist wants to bring out. The darker it is, the more continuous and extended the light is, and the subtly stopped means that objects such as light and shade of ink, mother-of-pearl and gold leaf cannot capture the light contained in them sharply. This light is a hope and a metaphor for that hope that enables people in our world to live and survive.

For example, the moon jar, which means to contain blessings, and the light of gold and silver leaf, which do the opposite, give warm comfort to all of us. The crushed mother-of-pearl contains a desire to find your own little light of hope in a dark world..

나의 작업 전체를 아우르는 가장  주제는 빛이다. 수많은 종류의 빛이 존재하고  의미를 지니고 있다.  중에서 칠흑같이 어두운 밤하늘
 무엇도 있을  같지 않은 어둠 속에서 존재하고 있는 빛들을 표현하고자 한다. 어두울수록 작은 빛이 지닌 의미는 크다.
사람에 있어… 작은 빛…
아주 작은 빛만이라도 있다면…
살아갈 수… 살아낼  있음을 알기에…
나의 작업을 보는 이들이 자신만의 작은 빛을 발견하고,  속에서 스스로를 위로하고 위안받기를 바란다. - 작가노트


Artist’s Bio

No Eunhee

b. 1981, Korea


2004. B.F.A. Changwon National University

Art collection

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Government Art Bank ( 2019)

Changwon Cultural Foundation (2016)

Dong-A University Hospital and other private collections


Solo Exhibition

2023.04 No Eunhee Invitational Solo Exhibition ( Collabo Collage-Invitation Exhibition/Ulsan)

2023.01 Blue Light. (Fatima Gallery- Invitational Exhibition / Changwon)

2022.09 Blue Light. (Binding Gallery/Changwon)

2021.08 Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education No Eunhee Invitation Exhibition - Light. Fill. ( Gallery of Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education-Invitation Exhibition/Changwon)

2021.07 Light. Fill. ( Busan French Cultural Center ART SPACE/ Busan)

2020.11 little light. ( Buuc Gallery - Invitation Exhibition / Busan)

2020.09 Two Gifts Exhibition-福 (Sangsang Gallery - Invitation Exhibition / Changwon)

2019.09 Walk through the night of light. (A BUNKER @ SPACE1326 - Invitation Exhibition / Seoul)

2019.08 Walk through the night of light. (SPACE1326 - Invitation Exhibition / Changwon)

2017.10 Hope for the light . (Yanase Geumgang Art Museum / Changwon )

2017.09 Light. Fulfilling the Night. (Insa Art Space-| Current | Insa Art Gallery /Seoul )

2017.08 Light. Fill. (Gallery Sodam - Invitation Exhibition / Changwon )

2017.04 See the light . (Fatima Gallery - Invitation Exhibition / Changwon )

2016.03 Feel the Light. (SPACE1326 - Invitation Exhibition / Changwon )

2015.10 Light Falling Night. (SEED Gallery - Invitation Exhibition / Suwon /)

2015.08 No Eunhee Invitational Solo Exhibition (Baekhee Art space - Invitation Exhibition / Jeonju)

2015.05 Light. Fill. (Samjin Art Museum - Invitation Exhibition / Changwon )

2014.10 Light. Fall. (SPACE1326 - Invitation Exhibition / Changwon )

2009.12 Light + Wind. (Seongsan Art Hall / Changwon ) )


2001~2023 Domestic and international group exhibitions and art fairs ( U.SA , Germany China, Hong Kong, etc.) participation

노은희(No Eunhee)
2004.2 국립창원대학교 예술대학 미술학과 한국화 전공졸업
개인전_Solo Exhibition
노은희(No Eunhee)
2004.2 국립창원대학교 예술대학 미술학과 한국화 전공졸업
개인전_Solo Exhibition

2023.04   노은희 초대개인전 (콜라보콜라쥬-초대전/울산)
2023.01   푸른 빛 展 (파티마갤러리-초대전/창원)
2022.09   푸른 빛 展 (바인딩갤러리/창원)
2021.08   경상남도교육청 노은희 초대전-빛. 담다. 展 (경상남도교육청갤러리/창원)
2021.07   빛. 담다. 展 (부산프랑스문화원 ART SPACE/부산)
2020.11   작은 빛. 展 (부크갤러리-초대전/부산)
2020.09   두개의 선물展-福 (상상갤러리-초대전/창원)
2019.09   빛의 밤을 걷다. 展 (A BUNKER@SPACE1326-초대전/서울)
2019.08   빛의 밤을 걷다. 展 (SPACE1326-초대전/창원)
2017.10   빛을 바라다. 展 (㈜야나세 금강미술관/창원)
2017.09   빛. 夜을 이루다. 展 (인사아트스페이스-|현|인사아트갤러리/서울)
2017.08   빛. 담다. 展 (갤러리소담-초대전/창원)
2017.04   빛을 보다. 展 (파티마갤러리-초대전/창원)
2016.03   빛을 느끼다. 展 (SPACE1326 -초대전/창원)
2015.10   빛 내리는 밤. 展 (SEED 갤러리-초대전/수원/)
2015.08   노은희 초대개인전 (백희 Art space-초대전/전주)
2015.05   빛. 담다. 展 (삼진미술관-초대전/창원)
2014.10   빛. 내리다. 展 SPACE1326-초대전/창원)
2009.12   빛+바람. 展 (성산아트홀/창원)



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