Lee Sang-min

Artist’s Bio

-Graduated from the department of Arts Plastiques, Strasbourg Marc Bloch National University, France (MFA)
-Graduated from the department of objet, Ecole supéieure des arts déoratifs de Strasbourg , France (BFA. MFA)
-Present, Professor of CHUNG-ANG University(Dept. of Sculpture)

▪Solo Exhibition
▪2022 壽福展, Gallery LEE&BAE, BUSAN
▪2021My Beautiful Garden, Gallery, SKLO, Seoul
▪2018 White Shadows,Gallery 4Walls,Seoul
▪GalleryDaham, Ansan
▪2017One and Three Bowls, Gallery, SKLO, Seoul
▪2016 The inner side of all things in nature, Gallery3, Seoul
▪Art Central, Hong Kong
▪2015 Art Stage, Singapore
▪2014 Galleryidm, Busan
▪Poetics of time, Gallery3, Seoul
▪2013 LEE SANGMIN WAVE Sculpture, JEAN Gallery
▪2011 Galleryidm, Busan
▪The Landscape of Synchronicity, DaXiang Art Space, Taiwan
▪2009 INNO Gallery, Korea
▪ Korea Contemporary Art Fair(KCAF), Seoul Art Center, Korea
▪2008 The Landscape of Synchronism, Vit gallery, Korea
▪2007 CROSS OVER, MOA Gallery, Korea
▪2006 An Image Dispersed into Time and Space, MANAS Art Center, Korea
▪2005 MOA Gallery Heyri Festival, Korea
▪2004 10th Manif Seoul Internatioal Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea
▪Seoul Fine Art Festival SFAF, Seoul Art Center, Korea
▪2001 Manif Seoul Internatioal Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea
▪The Bowl of Sound, Total Art Museum, Korea
▪2000 EspaceTête d´Or, Lyon, France
▪1996 MESA Gallery, Busan, Korea