Ha Ji

Artist Ha Ji-won, whose working name is 'Haji', graduated from the Department of Western Studies at Yeungnam University, and has been actively holding solo and group exhibitions, including installation art and flat-panel work.
The artist's work attempts to connect the conflicting meanings of the causal relationship of successive actions into one through the technique of attaching and detaching. Countless paint layers piled up by repeating these conflicting actions create an irregular surface. The reason for this way of working is the process of trying to discover the ideal that might exist in it through the expansion of inne
r thoughts or psychological considerations.

Stick it on, Pulling off
So far, the work that has been steadily arried out has been dismantling, carving, and recombining works on the flat surface, installing them in a three-dimensional space or converting them into three-dimensional works. Installation, three-dimensional works were ne-time exhibitions that were installed on site and disappeared after the exhibition. The 'WORK' series is a work that builds up traces of time and emotions by repeatedly dismantling and combining on a plane.

Consecutive combinations and disintegration
The work process and results of art are mixed with various emotions such as expectation, disappointment, and emptiness. 
It goes through countless trials and errors before it is visually expressed. 
The process of dismantling the work is the result of unresolved internal conflicts, and at the same time, It contains expectations that other possibilities can be discovered. 
The act of recombining the dismantled pieces and reinstalling them into space and stage means communication with the outside. These work patterns are the same as the process of discovering abnormalities in life. 
Working is the process of constantly building your own world based on the artist's desire to share his or her worldview with others
-Artist's Note

영남대 서양학과를 졸업하고 설치미술과 평면작업을 같이 하는 활동명은 하지, 하지원 작가이다. 개인전 및 단체전을 활발히 이어오고 있으며,  대구문화예술회관의 2022 올해 청년작가로 선정되며 작가로서 입지를 다지고 있다.
작가의 작품 속 붙이고 떼어내는 기법을 통해 연속적인 행위의 인과관계의 상반된 의미를 하나로 이어주고자 한다. 이 상반된 행위를 반복하여 쌓인 무수한 물감층은 불규칙한 표면을 만들어 낸다. 이러한 작업방식의 이유는 내적 사유 또는 심리적 고찰의 확대를 통해 그 속에서 어쩌면 존재할지도 모르는 이상을 발견하고자 하는 과정이다.


Artist’s Bio

Ha Ji
born 1982
2007. 03 Painting, Youngnam University
a personal exhibition

-2022 “work-22(confetti)” (Seoul, artandchois)
-2017 an infinite world (無邊世界) (Seoul, ujungartcenter)
-2016 hajiwon an invitational exhibition (Seoul, heraldgallery)
-2006 hajiwon a personal exhibition (Daegu, Youngnam University)
a group exhibition

-2022 2022 young artists of the year (Daegu, daeguartcenter)
-2021 FANTASIA BEOMEO (Daegu, artlab BEOMEO)
        The 3 column (Daegu, SEO-GU curtural center)
        BE TRUE (Yeongcheon-si, cianmuseum)
-2020 HERE WE ARE (Daegu, suchang mansion of youth)
-2019 Y4P (Daegu, hyundai Department store)
-2018 YAP (Daegu, bongsan cultural center)
-2017 100Albums 100Artist (Seoul, Lotte avenuel)
-2016 Language of "Mullae" (Seoul, jungdabang)
-2015 run into exhibition (Seoul, Seongsu-dong factory)
-2014 A-Ha Pop Art (Seoul, Dream Forest Arts Center)
-2013 RISING ARTIST (Paju, galleryjireh)
-2012 forest in the forest (Seoul, Dream Forest Arts Center)
-2011 Sincheon SOCIAL ARTFESTA ((Daegu, Sincheon )

2007. 03. 01 영남대학교 서양화과 학사 수료

2022 하지 개인전(아트앤초이스, 서울)
2017 무변세계(유중아트센터, 서울)
2016 하지원 초대전(헤럴드갤러리, 서울)
2006 하지원 제1회 개인전(영남대학교, 대구)

2022 올해청년작가전 (대구문화예술회관, 대구)
2021 판타지아 범어 (범어아트스트리트, 대구)
       The 3 column展 (서구문화회관, 대구)
       내일은 꽃이 피었다 (웃는얼굴아트센터, 대구)
2020 BE TRUE (시안미술관, 영천)
        Here We Are (수창청춘맨숀, 대구)
2019 YAP2019 (대구아트페어, 대구)
2018 YAP 유리상자 아티스트(봉산문화회관, 대구)