Lee Sang-young

Lee Sangyong 이상용

Sangyong Lee is an artist who is actively exhibiting in Korea and New York. Starting with the first solo exhibition in Korea, he held 16 solo exhibitions, including Tenri Gallery, New York Waterfall Gallery, Seoul Bk Gallery, and Daegu Gallery in 2022. He has participated in more than 200 group exhibitions and art fairs mainly overseas. Art collections include Pennsylvania university in the United States, Biederman Museum in Germany, Takami Brldal, Inc in Japan, Kolon Group in Korea, and many other places.

The artist works differently by period, and representatively, the Fate, Intuitum, and Tapping Drawing series. It is a task that requires more time and immersion than ordinary work. The artist's various work styles and vast works devoted to his life's work activities show his genius well. Among the "Fate" series, Beethoven's 'Fate symphony'(Symphony no.5 in c minor, op.67) was transcribed on a zinc plate and overlapped with a special tape. The fate of the moment becomes a work through the artist's memory and communication, and these fate coexists over time and becomes a precious value, approaching another fate to someone.


이상용 작가는 한국과 뉴욕을 오가며 활발히 전시를 하고 있는 작가이다. 한국에서 1회 개인전을 시작으로 뉴욕 Tenri 갤러리 뉴욕 워터폴 갤러리, 서울 Bk 갤러리, 2022년 대구 갤러리 전 등 16회 개인전을 열었으며, 주로 해외에서 그룹전과 아트페어 200회 이상 참여하였다. 미국 Pennsylvania university, 독일 Biederman Museum, 일본 Takami Brldal, Inc, 한국 코오롱 그룹 외 다수의 곳에서 작품을 소장하고 있다.
작가는 시기별로 다른 작업을 하는데 대표적으로 Fate, Intuitum, Taping Drawing 시리즈 등이다. 보통의 작업보다 많은 시간과 몰입이 요구되는 작업이다. 작품활동에 일생을 몰두하는 작가의 다양한 작업 스타일과 방대한 작품들은 그의 천재성을 잘 보여준다. 'Fate' 시리즈 중 아연판 위에 베토벤의 운명교향곡을 특수테이프 위에 필사하여 여려 겹 충첩시킨 작품이다. 찰나의 운명들을 작가의 기억과 소통을 통해 작품화되고 이러한 운명은 시간을 초월하여 공존하며 소중한 가치가 되어 누군가에게 또 다른 운명으로 다가간다.


- Excerpt from Soojung Hyun's review : Destined Encounter: New Works by Sang Yong Lee

Sang Yong Lee recently presented his third solo exhibition, titled “Fate,” in New York at Kips Gallery in West Chelsea. Lee’s show is an astonishing installation combining two walls composed of many small frames on shelves that extend from the bottom to top of the gallery wall. Each frame holds a drawn image. When we look closer, we recognize the drawings are covered by transparent cellophane tape. Each frame is different, sometimes small, and sometimes large. According to Lee’s explanation, he collects old antique picture frames in which he places his drawings. Usually, artists make their works and then they choose the frame for matching the work, but Lee’s case is reversed: He selects the frame first and placed the drawing inside of it. He seals his drawings by using the cellophane tape from which he constructs a transparent grid. The drawings represent an emotional expression of his unconscious desires that ask essential questions about birth and death.  His way of making these works requires much effort and many detailed processes.

What is the meaning in this kind of work?  He thinks about “the Fate.”  The frame was a precious thing for someone in the past, and now it is in his hand. He takes an unknown history of the frame, and then adds his story and artistic effort. He is interested to know if the previous owner of the frame will understand his process in the spirit world. He said it is an encounter that could be a destined meeting between the previous owner and himself.  Also if you look closely at Lee’s works, they are many used and cancelled postal stamps beneath the drawings.  Lee wants to present an invisible relationship that surround among the floating objects and the lives of human beings.  Lee’s works have a strong connection with people’s emotions and their daily lives. He knows the role of an artist as a mediator who intervenes and reconciles between the externality of human beings and their inner spiritual energy. 

Artist’s Bio

Lee Sang Yong  

1970.Born in, Kong-Ju Choongnam, South Korea Mokwon Univ. drop

2005.Published Art Works-Hansol Group Sponsor


Solo Exhibition

2022 Fate& Intuitum Gallery Jeon, Daegu, Seoul, Korea 

2019 The Fate Of a Moment Gallery Grimson ,Seoul, Korea

2017 Song of Fate International Bk Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 Momentary Fate, Lotte Gallery, An Yang, Korea

2013 Inscribed Memories, Waterfall Gallery, New York, USA

Fate, Seoul International Finance Center, Seoul, Korea

2012 Fate, JJ Joong Jung Gallery, Seoul ,Korea
Fate, Kips Gallery-Chelsea, New York, USA

2011 Song of life, Sup Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 Song of Wind, Maum Gallery, New York ,USA

2009 The Flight, Tenri Gallery, New York, USA

2007 The Way, The Unified Government Building, Korea

The Sky, Gallery Ho, Seoul, Korea

2005 Korea Youth Artist invited exhibition, Danwon Museum, Ansan, Korea

2002 Song of life, Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023  Galleries ART FIR, Setec, Seoul, Korea

“Flow, Ten Excitements”Yeongsan River Art Festival 2023,Naju,Korea

Osaka Kansai International Art Fastival 2023, Osaka, Japan

KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

ARTSHOW BUSAN 2023, Bexco, Busan, Korea

BAMA, Busan, Korea

2022 “MOM  MAM” SOMA Museum, Seoul, Korea

The 45tAnniversary Exhibition, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Koera

IHAF, Daegu, Daegu, Korea

KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

“Horizontal Aesthetics”mM “ART CENTER, pyeongtae, Korea

BAMA, Busan, Korea

 Galleries ART FIR, Setec, Seoul, Korea

Miami Context 2022, Miami,USA


2021 ”Black;encounter”Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea

2019  Art Central Hong kong, Hon Kong, Hong Kong

LINK, Lee Snagyong, Gam Seongbin, Studio KKi, Paju, Korea

2018  Grand Art Exhibition of Korean Buddhism, Ara Art Center,Seoul,Korea

The Way, Leesangyong Namheonwoo, & Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 “Artful Living” West Village Printing House, New York, USA

Korea Crafts Exhibition, Hankyu Department store, Osaka, Japan

KIAF, COEX 2017, Soule, Korea

Covert, Leesangyong, Kimdoojin, Kimmoungjin, Make Gallery, Seoul, Korea

ART BUSAN 2017,Bexco,Korea

ART OF WAY Artspace Hoseo, Seoul, Korea

ART Hampton 2017,New York, USA

THINK DIFFERENT SIVE DIFFERENT, JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea

Harbor Art Fair 2017,Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2016 Out of Worldly, Westwerk e.v, Hamburg, Germany

OLD&NEW, Kansong Museum, Seoul, Korea

OUT+STANDING Korea Tomorrow 2016 Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea

Haenam Art Project, Hangchon Museum, Haenam, Korea

DUO ART SHOW Lee sangyong, Lee lan, SIA Gallery, New York, USA

Art Hampton New York, New York, USA


SPOON ART SHOW2016,Kintex,Korea

Scope Miami 2016,Miami,USA

Scope New York 2016, New York, USA

Art Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Wild Drawing- Kim kira, Lee sangyong Exhibition, LIG Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2015 Contemporary ”Fermented Souls” ,Waterfall gallery, New York, USA

Miami Context 2015, Miami, USA

ART EDITION 2015, Seoul, Korea

Miami Scope 2015, Miami, USA

The ARTIST, Gallery SIA, New York, USA

New York Affordable Art Fair 2015, New York, USA

G-Seoul International Art Fair 15, DDP, Seoul, Korea

2014 Hypoxis Aurea, KUK Gallery, Daegu, Korea           

G-Seoul International Art Fair14, DDP, Seoul, Korea

Chicago International Art Fair, Chicago, USA

Miami Scope 2014, Miami, USA

Miami Spectrum Art Show, Miami, USA

Feel Life Summer Art Festival 2014, Waterfall Gallery, New York, USA

Changwon Asia Art Festival , Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea

ART SHOW BUSAN 2014, Busan, Korea

ART EDITION 2014, Seoul, Korea

Scope New York 2014, New York, USA 

The ARTIST, Gallery SIA, New York, USA

Jersey City Invitational Exhibition And 7th Youth Art Contest, Jersey City Hall, NJ, USA

Art Palm Beach 2014, Florida, USA

LA Art Show, LA, USA

2013 MARIAL WORLD, Mathone BruneLli Gallery, Hampton, New York, USA

Context Art Miami 2013, Miami, USA

Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

Houston Art Fair, Houston, USA

Collection Exhibition, Chelsea art center, Busan, Korea

Group show, Waterfall Gallery, New York, USA

G-Seoul  International Art Fair 13, Hillton Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Seoul Living Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2012 Embrace, Gallery Button, Seoul, Korea 

Seoul Living Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea

Art Asia Miami, Miami, USA

Art Taipei 2012, Taipei, Taipei 

HongKong Hotel Open Art Fair, Hong kong, Hong kong

New Groping, JJ Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Busan Open Art Fair(BEXCO), Busan, Korea

Seoul Open Art Fair ,Seoul, Korea

KIAF 2012, COEX, Seoul, Korea

Beautiful Dream World 35, Maum Gallery, New York, USA

Cheong Dam Art Festival(JJ Gallery), Seoul, Korea

HONG KONG CONTEMPORARY, Hong kong, Hong kong


Group exhibition, JJ Gallery, Seoul, Korea

BAMA 2012, Busan, Korea

Spoon Art Fair, Hong kong, Hong kong

2011 HARMONY:the More,the Better, Gallery Maum, New York, USA

WONDERPIA, Nanji Art Studio, Seoul, Korea

DOORS ART SHOW, Seoul, Korea

Red dot Miami, Miami, USA

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Group exhibition, Gallery Space Maum, New York, USA

KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

Asia top gallery hotel art fair, Hong kong, Hong kong

Red Dot New York, New York, USA

Group Exhibition, Gallery Art@Renaissance, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Art Of life, Gallery Gaga, Seoul, Korea

Scope New York, New York, USA

Art Hampton New York, New York, USA      

2010 Conscious behind unconscious, Korean Cultural Service NY, New York, USA

Asia contemporary art project, FBI Building, NJ, USA

US, DHS Project Group Exhibition-Newark Liberty international Airport, NJ, USA

Open Group Exhibition, Gallery Maum, New York, USA

Tears from survivors, F.G.S, NJ, USA

2009 Group Exhibition, Space Word Gallery, New York, USA

Composition of Essential Nature, JUN Gallery, New York, USA

Scope Miami, Miami, USA 

2008 Barack Obama Art Show By Korean Artist-Chelsea, Rogue Space Gallery, New York, USA

2007 Flanders Expo, Brussels, Belgium





National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea          

Haines Gallery (San Francisco, USA)

Biederman Museum(Germany)          

pennsylvania university hospital Philadelphia,USA)

Azadehshladovsky Inc. (USA)

Oppenheim Architecture ( Miami. USA )

Korea Cultural Service ( NY. USA)

Tongin Express (NJ.USA)

Takami Brldal ,Inc ( Japan)

Kolon Group (Korea)

and ( Korea ,USA ,Iceland, England ,Japan, ese…)


이 상 용 

1970. 충남 공주생
2005. 작품집 출판 (한솔 그룹 스폰)



2022 Fate & Intuitum갤러리 전 초대전, 대구, 한국

2019 The Fate Of a Moment 갤러리 그림손 기획 초대전, 서울, 한국

2017 Song of Fate 초대개인전Bk갤러리, 서울, 한국

Momentary Fate 초대개인전, 롯데갤러리, 안양, 한국

2013 Inscribed Memories, Waterfall Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

Fate, 서울국제금융센터 IFC, 서울, 한국
2012 Fate, JJ중정갤러리, 서울, 한국

Fate, Kips Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

2011 삶의 노래, 갤러리 숲, 서울, 한국

2010 Song of Wind, Maum Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

2009 The Flight, Tenri Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

2007 The Way, 정부종합청사 열린 미술관, 한국

The Sky, 갤러리 호, 서울, 한국

2005 한국청년작가 초대개인전, 단원미술관, 안산, 한국

2003 Song of life, 관훈 갤러리, 서울, 한국





2023  Osaka Kansai International Art Fastival 2023, Osaka, Japan

“흐름 열개의 탄성” 영산강 국제 설치 미술제, 나주, 한국

KIAF, 코엑스. 서울, 한국

DIAF, EXCO, 대구 한국

화랑미술제,SETEC, 서울, 한국

BAMA 부산, 한국
2022 “MOM  MAM”소마미술관, 서울, 한국

선화랑 개관 45주년 그룹전 선화랑,서울,한국

“Horizontal Aesthetics”, mM아트센터, 평택, 한국

KIAF, 코엑스, 서울, 한국

IHAF 대구,한국
BAMA 부산, 한국
화랑미술제,SETEC, 서울

Miami Context 2022, 마이애미, 미국

2021 “TOUCH” Gallrey 46, 런던, 영국

“흑과 마주하다” 그룹 기획전, 갤러리 그림손, 서울, 한국

전남국제수묵비엔날레, 목포문화예술회관, 목포, 한국

2020 “이질과 동질”이상용. 용환천 2인전 와우 갤러리, 서울, 한국

2019 Art Central 2019, 홍콩, 홍콩

“LINK”이상용. 감성빈 2인전 Studid Kki, 파주, 한국

2018 대한민국 불교미술대전 기획전, 아라아트센터, 서울, 한국

“길”이상용. 남헌우 2인전 &갤러리, 서울, 한국

2017 “Artful Living” West Village Printing House, 뉴욕, 미국

예술혼, 아트스페이스호서, 서울, 한국

Art Hampton2017, 뉴욕, 미국

아트부산 2017, 벡스코, 부산, 한국

Covert, 메이크갤러리, 서울, 한국

다르게 생각하기 다르게 살아 보기, JJ중정갤러리, 서울, 한국

한국공예기획판매전 2017, 한큐백화점(본점), 오사카, 일본 

하버아트페어 2017, 홍콩, 홍콩

2016 Out of Worldly 베스트베억, 함브르크, 독일

OLD&NEW”현대 작가 간송을 기리다” 간송 미술관, 서울, 한국

OUT+STANDING 코리아투머로우 2016 성곡 미술관, 서울, 한국

풍류남도 아트 프로젝트 "화첩펼쳐보기"드로잉전, 행촌미술관, 해남, 한국

Wild Drawing 김기라, 이상용 2인전, LIG 아트스페이스, 서울, 한국

DUO ART SHOW 이상용, 이안 2인전, SIA Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

풍류남도 아트 프로젝트”천년의 시간이 머무는곳”행촌 미술관, 일지암, 해남, 한국

CRAFT TREAND FIAR 2016 코엑스, 한국

Art Hampton New York, New 뉴욕, 미국

SPOON ART SHOW2016, 킨텍스, 한국

Scope New York 2016, 뉴욕, 미국

Scope Miami 2016, 마이아미, 미국

 Art Palm Beach, 플로리다, 미국

2015 Miami Context 2015, 마이애미, 미국

ART EDITION 2015, 서울, 한국

Miami Scope 2015, 마이애미, 미국

Contemporary Fermented Souls, Waterfall Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

New York Affordable Art Fair 2015, 뉴욕, 미국

THE ARTIST, SIA Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

G-Seoul International Art Fair 15, 동대문 디자인 프라자, 서울, 한국

2014 FEEL LIFE SUMMER ART FESTIVAL, Waterfall Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

THE ARTIST SIA Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

G-Seoul International Art Fair14, 동대문디자인프라자, 서울, 한국

Chicago International Art Fair, 시카고, 미국

Hypoxis Aurea Exhibition, Kuk 갤러리, 대구, 한국

Miami Scope 2014, 마이애미, 미국

Miami Spectrum Art Show, 마이애미, 미국

아트쇼 부산 2014, 부산, 한국

창원 아시아 국제 미술제 , 성산아트홀, 창원, 한국

ART EDITION 2014, 서울, 한국

Scope New York 2014, 뉴욕, 미국

Art Palm Beach 2014, 플로리다, 미국

LA Art Show, LA, 미국

Jersey City Invitational Exhibition And 7th Youth Art Contest, Jersey cityhall, 뉴저지, 미국


Context Art Miami 2013, 마이애미, 미국

Toronto International Art Fair, 토론토, 캐나다

Chelsea Art Center Collection Exhibition, 부산, 한국

Houston Art Fair, 휴스턴, 미국

G-Seoul International Art Fair 13, 힐튼호텔, 서울, 한국

Group Exhibition, Waterfall Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

서울 리빙 아트페어, 코엑스, 서울, 한국

2012 품다, 갤러리 버튼, 서울, 한국

서울 리빙 아트페어, 코엑스, 서울, 한국

Art Asia Miami, 마이애미, 미국

Art Taipei 2012, 타이페이, 대만

새로운 모색, JJ갤러리, 서울, 한국

HongKong Hotel Open Art Fair, 홍콩, 홍콩

부산 오픈 아트페어(BEXCO), 부산, 한국

서울 오픈 아트페어, 서울, 한국

Beautiful Dream World 35, Maum Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

KIAF 2012, 코엑스, 서울, 한국

청담 미술제(JJ중정갤러리), 서울, 한국



Love, trace-history of life, Maum Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

BAMA 2012, 부산, 한국

Spoon Art Fair, 홍콩, 홍콩

2011 Group Exhibition, Maum Galley, 뉴욕, 미국


Red dot Miami, 마이애미, 미국

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore, 싱가폴, 싱가폴

JJ중정갤러리 그룹전, 서울, 한국

KIAF, 코엑스, 서울, 한국

Asia top gallery hotel art fair, 홍콩, 홍콩

Red Dot New York, 뉴욕, 미국 

HARMONY: the More, the Better, Maum Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

“백년몽원” 난지 창작스튜디오, 서울, 한국

Art Of Life, 가가 갤러리, 서울, 한국

Scope New York, 뉴욕, 미국

Art Hampton New York, 뉴욕, 미국

Group Exhibition, Gallery Art @Renaissance, 부르클린, 미국
2010 Group Exhibition, Space World, 뉴욕, 미국

Conscious behind unconscious, 뉴욕 한국문화원, 뉴욕, 미국

미국 FBI 프로젝트 그룹전, FBI Building, 뉴왁, 미국

Scope Miami, 마이애미, 미국

미국, DHS 국토보안부 프로젝트 그룹전, 뉴왁, 미국

Open group exhibition, Maum Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국

Tears from survivors, FGS, 뉴져지, 미국
2009 Group Exhibition, Space world, 뉴욕, 미국

Composition of Essential Nature, JUN Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국
2008 Barack Obama Art Show By Korean Artist-Chelsea, Rogue Space Gallery, 뉴욕, 미국
2007 Flanders Expo, 브뤼쉘, 벨기에




국립현대미술관 정부미술은행

Pennsylvania university hospital Philadelphia, USA)

Biederman Museum (Germany)          

코오롱 그룹 (한국)          

Haines Gallery (San Francisco, USA)

Azadehshladovsky Inc. (USA)

Oppenheim Architecture (Miami, USA)

Korea Cultural Service (NY, USA)

Tongin Express (NJ.USA)

Takami Brldal, Inc (Japan)

and (Korea, USA, Iceland, England, Japan, ese…)